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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Following first presidential news conference, White House reporters promise impartiality sometime around 2016

Forget the stimulus, just look how cute this Obama dog is

The White House press corps has been accused of rolling over and asking Barack Obama to tickle their tummies at his first national press conference.

The new President was expected to receive a grilling on his botched attempts to get relatives of Al Capone into his cabinet and an eight year supply of dog food into his stimulus plan. But hacks instead decided to interrogate Obama on matters such as what his favourite colour is and whether, if he was an animal, he would prefer to be a lion or a tiger.

Bill O’Reilly from right wing firebrand channel Fox News said:

"What the nation needed at this time of national economic crisis was an hour long Q&A session on guns, gays and God.

"Instead we were treated to the embarrassing spectacle of the President fielding curve balls on whether he preferred sun or ski and if he knew where Russia was on a World map. This sort of pit pat may have flummoxed Bush but Obama is a completely different kettle of fish. For starters he can actually read and write."

Maureen Dowd from the New York Times hit back at O’Reilly saying she believed readers of the biggest selling paper in the USA really wanted to know what Top Trumps set was the President’s favourite.

Ms Dowd said:

"Just because 90% of the press corps actively campaigned for Obama in the election and have his picture and autograph on their wall does not mean we will be giving him an easy ride. I for one am confident my readers are much more interested to know that Obama would prefer to be a tiger and that his favourite colour was purple than how in God’s earth he is going to turn round an economy that is currently shedding half a million jobs a month."

Dowd did acknowledge it may have been inappropriate for female hacks to have thrown their knickers at Obama on live TV and for male newshounds to beg to be allowed to spot for him at the gym. She added:

“The girls had heard that Michelle was running low on panties and we did not want her venturing out to Walmart alone. We were just doing our bit for national security.”

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