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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama admits 'error' in choosing Miley Cyrus for Cabinet

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Following the embarrassment of having Tom Daschle's nomination as Health Secretary fail, President Obama is now dealing with another Cabinet appointee's decision to back out over past misdemeanours.

Teenage singing star Miley Cyrus, 16, was originally tapped for the new post of Culture Secretary but was forced to withdraw after a photograph of her and her friends pulling slant eyes emerged and offended Asian Pacific Americans across the country. She was also roundly condemned for her performance during Senate hearings as Culture Secretary-designate, where she claimed that Afghanistan was an Indian restaurant in downtown Los Angeles and that opera was invented by Spongebob Squarepants in episode 4, season 2.

"I think it was an error and the buck stops with me - I screwed up," the President admitted to CNN's Anderson Cooper. "The vetting process just wasn't up to scratch and we allowed this young girl to be thrust before the world's media glare with out due consideration for her welfare or her complete lack of understanding of public policy or government processes."

He added: "In all honesty I should never have listened to Malia and Sasha in choosing this sensitive leadership post. This really demonstrates the reach of pester power in our families."

Republicans have led the criticism of Obama and Cyrus. House leader John Boehner accused Obama of 'gross mismanagement' in appointing an untested teenage girl with only moderate incompetence to a senior post in his administration. "I don't much care if she has won the hearts of children across the land," he told us. "In the view of the GOP, the post of US Culture Secretary needs a figure with far more insensitivity and ignorance than she has demonstrated."

Cyrus was unavailable for comment, but is understood to be devastated by the experience. A spokesman announced that she is locked in her room with girlfriends, eating ice cream, crying and texting everyone she knows with indecipherable stunted messages that say absolutely nothing of any value.

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