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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prince Harry to be told truth about black and white minstrel show

.A proud British man reads about his favourite Prince

There is a day in all our lives when things change. We get that dream job , we meet a special person, or learn something new. For Britain's Prince Harry, that day is today.

At around 1pm he will settle down to lunch with his beloved grandfather Prince Phillip and they will, as is usual for their meetings, put on a tape of the infamous Black and White Minstrel Show. This racially dubious TV program, which was hugely popular in the 1970s but really isn't appropriate now, is a favourite of the two royals and they put it on whenever the Queen or Prince Charles are out.

However, instead of laughing and joking and pulling faces to imitate the hapless characters, Prince Phillip has been instructed to explain to Harry for the first time that the men with the black faces aren't really black, and that this sort of thing just isn't acceptable in the modern world.

For years Harry has built his world view around the show and has been involved in a string of gaffes that have prompted the world to ask if he is a racist. At a comedy show last year he asked the comedian Stephen K. Amos why he was talking in a posh accent and why he wasn't singing in a comedic wail and playing the banjo on a deckchair.

The Stupid Times' royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchhunt, has known Harry since he was a small boy and believes that the shock and embarrassment from the revelation will be painful for the whole family.

"Harry has in effect been assuming that millions of people in the UK are cast members of the Minstrel show. If he's in a Pakistani restaurant he demands the waiters do a song and dance routine. When meeting black footballers he often gets out his hanky and rubs it on their faces to help with the shine. He has got a lot to learn, and fast."

However, Harry's superiors in the Army are not overly concerned about his chances of rehabilitating himself. A spokesman for army chief Sir Richard Dannatt said:

"Harry is ignorant of other cultures, mocks people different to himself and doesn't know the difference between a black man and a blacked-up man. Excellent stuff. He's just the sort of chap we're looking for in today's miltary."

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