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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Westfield Shopping Centre fails to improve lives

Shoppers at the giant new shopping mall in West London are protesting outside the centre, accusing the management of not delivering a clear improvement to their lives. 

A large group of housewives, unemployed chavs, and teenagers are demanding a meeting with bosses to explain why they still get home from shopping at the complex still feeling empty, bored and as though their life has no meaning.

Jill Davies, a housewife from Harrow, described her anger.  "When this place opened, they promised us everything - happiness, joy, perceived wealth, and a brighter tomorrow.  But every day when I get home from splurging on treats and clothes, I'm still nudging 50,  married to a depressed civil servant, living in a suburban semi and I seem to be slipping further and further into debt. Somone has to pay for this." 

Dwayne Collins, an unemployed benefit claimant from Hammersmith, told us how his days at the Westfield Centre are generally aimless and unsatisfying.  "The advertising chatted that this place would be blinging, but I ain't got no money so I can't get no bling.  They lied to us."

A request for a review by the Advertising Standards Agency is under consideration. 


  1. Excellent keep up the good work.

    Personally i am suing a popular soft drink brand because their advertising said by drinking their product i would gain lots of cool young friends from California. I am still waiting.

  2. Thanks, keep reading and I promise more of this kind of thing...


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