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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BNP members shocked by prejudice

Following the release of thousands of British National Party membership records online, Nazis up and down the country have spoken of their horror at the treatment they are receiving from members of the public.

Party leader Nick Griffin has called for the British people to show tolerance and understanding of his fellow racists amid reports that those named in the leaked document have received threatening and abusive phone calls and emails. Griffin, a self proclaimed white supremacist who has spent his life spreading fear and terror among the ethnic minority community, described the publication of the names as a “nasty piece of intimidation.”

One party member, who we are calling Robin B to protect his publicly known identity, called us about his experiences since his address was published. “It’s been horrible, I can tell you. Yesterday afternoon I was minding my own business, on my way home from pushing dog shit through the letterbox of a Somalian family. As I approached my front door a group of teenagers started shouting at me for no reason, calling me a racist c**t and mocking my pale white face and short stature. I cannot believe that in Britain today people will target someone just for what they believe and how they look.”

Robin, a High Court Judge, went on to describe his evening. “All night they were calling and shouting at me. This was a shame as I had friends coming round to help me leave obscene messages on the answer phones of leading black politicians.”

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