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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Western perverts stranded in Thailand

Flights ferrying sad bastards home from Thailand's international airport have been suspended after hundreds of anti-government protesters stormed the building in Bangkok.

The demonstrators are in full control of Suvarnabhumi airport, leaving thousands of sex tourists stranded. Some are rejoicing, others are tearfully calling their wives and asking for help.

Overweight and hideously ugly western men are crammed into the airports departure lounge staring forlornly at the departure screens. Hans Aufman, a Catholic priest from Hamburg, was due home yesterday to preside over several weddings. "It's disgraceful" he told us angrily.

"I, a man of the cloth come here for a relaxing week of having sex with underage girls and now I'm stuck in this god-forsaken place."

A group of British weirdos from Manchester were furious at the protesters. "Some of us are teachers and policeman, we're needed back home."

But Chuck Sandelman, an obese American banker from North Carolina, was relaxed about the situation. "I was only supposed to be here for a long weekend," he  told us with a nauseating smile. "It looks like I'll be missing my daughters 15th birthday, but hey - I think I'll be celebrating a few others."


  1. How pathetic, if you only used your time to actually understand the serious situation in are a typical dumb twat

  2. Pretty funny..... To first poster, this is a piss take, not serious commentary

  3. Why is your username garys glitter? Are you a bit weird?

  4. My friend, go and get are the embodiment of british sexual resentment. Perhaps you can cry on Harriet Harman's shoulder for some understanding.

  5. Why do you have a photo of Gary Glitter when he was refused entry to Thailand and sent directly back to the UK. You do understand that Thailand and Vietnam are different countries?

  6. Fucking hell - didn't expect those comments - danger, danger - high voltage! I thought it was funny. If I were stranded there I'd wander out with a Man City T shirt on and smile like a twat - I love the smell of revolution in the morning.

  7. Lol so funny, I always raise an eyebrow whenever I hear a male friend of mine mentioning he's planning a getaway to Thailand. Perv!


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