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Monday, November 10, 2008

Lieberman can still help Dems around Congress, Reid says

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has extended an olive branch to Independent Senator Joe Lieberman.  

Reid insisted that Lieberman, who supported John McCain's presidential bid,  still has a part to play in the Democratic caucus despite the congressional election results last week that gave them a solid majority without the support of the Senate's two independents.   

"Joe Lieberman is not useless," he said. "Joe Lieberman is one of the most hardworking people ever to come from the state of Connecticut." 

"All our offices need cleaning for the new congress, and someone has to go over the White House removing all the pretzel crumbs."

Senator Reid also reassured Lieberman that he wouldn't be losing office space on Capitol Hill.  

"There's a broom cupboard down the corridor from the chamber that would suit him fine.  It's got a stool, shelves, and all the cleaning fluid he can drink. The traitor."

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