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Monday, November 10, 2008

Bush shows Obama the remains of the White House

George W. Bush got out of bed at 11am, donned his sweatpants, and shuffled downstairs to open the door to President-elect Barack Obama today.  

The new first family were due in town to look round the White House, but as Bush had overslept and forgotten to clear up, they had to be satisfied with a few minutes of awkward chit-chat as the outgoing president apologised about the state of the place and directed them away from the mountain of dirty plates in the kitchen.  Mrs Obama feigned polite surprise throughout, according to aides.  

First lady Laura Bush has been at the family ranch in Texas this past week preparing it for full-time habitation, leaving Bush and his friends ruling the roost in Washington.  Stories of late night poker games, pizza deliveries at all hours, and pranks being played on staff members have leaked onto the gossip columns and blogs over the last week. 

As a result the White House is a mess and with 70 days to go until inauguration day, Bush appears dead set on making the most of the facilities before he retires to Texas.   Detritus and sloth experts are predicting that the Obama's first months in the residence will be spent clearing up the mess, before they get a chance to stamp their seal on the place. 

Bush has been notoriously lax with tidying and maintenance over the last 8 years, leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a much worst state than when he moved in. 

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