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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Palin slams McCain for ‘palling around’ with a man who ‘pals around’ with terrorists

Former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has launched an attack on her former running mate following his meeting with Barack Obama in Chicago yesterday. The Alaska governor has accused Senator John McCain of associating with “a man who doesn’t see America in the narrow and oversimplified way that you or I do.”

The defeated Republican presidential candidate met with President-elect Obama Monday to discuss how they can work together for the good of the nation following the bitter and divisive election campaign. According the aides, the meeting was constructive and cordial, and McCain appreciated the respect shown to him by his former rival. Agreement was reached on the principles of several important pieces of legislation that both men will work on in the New Year.

But Palin is reportedly furious that McCain shook hands and sat down with Obama. She made her feelings clear live on CNN addressing a baying mob gathered in her home town of Wasilla, Alaska.

“Barack Obama has dangerous plans for our country and dangerous plans for you. Bill Ayers will be Defence Secretary, he’s gonna sell all you white women to Arab princes, convert us all to Muslimianity, and make our kids gay and have force them to have sex with animals. I love John, but if he cares about freedom and truth then he should have shot this fake American dead with one of the guns that we have the God given right to carry, you betcha.”

McCain was measured in his response. In a statement he refused to condemn Palin’s comments directly. “I remain proud and honoured to have campaigned with Sarah. However I am concerned that she has turned the corner and is walking into the asylum. We should all pray for her and those who cross her path at this present time.”

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