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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brit Awards running out of decent bands to honour


Organisers of the Brit Awards have admitted that they are scraping deeper into the barrel each year when it comes to the Outstanding Contribution to Music award. Announcing that the Pet Shop Boys would be receiving the accolade in 2009, Brits committee chairman Ged Doherty, said that it was a long and painful struggle to come up with a band that the whole committee didn't think were utter shit.


"From a short list that included Def Leppard, Bananarama, and that bloke off the Whattsamatter You eh? Song, the Pet Shop Boys were the first group I suggested that didn't prompt a groan or cries of 'bollocks'.  We think they'll have to do, as virtually all the decent bands in their late 30s and over have already won."


Previous shit award winners include Sting, Rod Stewart, the Eurythmics and Status Quo, so the Pet shop Boys are in good company.  On the short list to win the accolade in 2010 are the Spice Girls, Rick Astley, and Gary Glitter.

1 comment:

  1. Scrapping the barrel ?
    Yet again they have ignored MADNESS, The biggest selling british band of the 80's

    Industry big wigs no Nothing !!!


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