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Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama adds guy who dated Michelle to his team of rivals

Determined to construct as broad-based an administration as possible, incoming US President Barack Obama has gone further even than his aides could have predicted to include his former opponents in top government jobs.

Following the appointment of former presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson to the cabinet, and Joe Biden now the vice-president elect, Obama has continued the theme by offering the post of White House assistant counsel to a former love rival. The unnamed man, a Chicago lawyer, dated Michelle Obama (then Robinson) in the months before her current husband asked her out. Although working with your wife's old flame would test any normal man, a spokesman assured reporters that the brief relationship "was a long time ago" and that Michelle, Barack and the ex were "cool with it".

Barack Obama has been magnanimous in his victory and has offered other jobs to former political opponents. Although John McCain turned down the post of Head Elf in the transition team's Christmas play, he was said to be grateful to be asked and offered to help behind the scenes.

1 comment:

  1. In return for making it to the white house, Obama should appoint GW as Santa. The only problem is that GW will deny the existence of santa to the kids, before declaring war on them, so him and his kronies will steal the ******* presents.

    If McCain becomes Head Elf, the whole GOP can play Elves and reindeer. They're good to go.


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