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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Police urged to use more CS spray in Parliament

Following the news that a journalist was subdued with CS gas during an incident near the House of Commons, the public have demanded more use of tear gas in Parliament.

After several weeks of revelations about MPs charging their lager and crisps to the taxpayer culminating with the Home Secretary's husband having one off the wrist and claiming it on expenses, people on the streets are ready to see their lawmakers knocked down a bit.

Tom Davies, an unemployed scaffolder from Croydon said: "Get those bastards in a corner, and stick it to them, right in the eyes. I'm living on £40 a week benefits, and they want us to pay for their cable bill. Bollocks to that."

Rev. Charles Jones, a vicar from Leicester was more measured. "I'm not saying we should hurt our legislators daily, but the odd kicking and burning of the eyes might keep them on the straight and narrow don't you think?"

The Prime Minister was said to be shitting his pants at the prospect of getting a good CSing in the eye, and has cancelled all parliamentary engagements for the next week.

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