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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nick Griffin 'modelling himself on Obama' says BNP

.A British racist, an American racist - both utter twats

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, has been so impressed with Obama’s victory that he is claiming to be “Britain’s answer to that American black guy”, according to a BNP Spokesman.

This change is consistent with the BNP’s latest attempt to rebrand themselves as slightly less fascist and slightly less racist than before.

"Nick, who’s always been a political trailblazer, has been following Barack Obama very closely since he was elected President", said the spokesman. "He’s been very impressed by the similarities in their political message. Both talk about change and hope - Obama about changing society for the better and bringing hope for the future, and Nick about changing nice people into racists and hoping that foreigners will go home."

This message is being disseminated by none other than Mr Griffin himself. Speaking at a BNP rally held at the Wartington branch of Asda he proclaimed: “People want change! They want a change to immigration policies, they want a change of government, and they want immigrants to change their migrant ways!"

The BNP is expected to make strong political gains at the next European elections, as Europeans are added to the list of things the BNP hates.

"In the past," said the BNP spokesman, "we’ve focused our attention primarily on immigrants, foreigners, Muslims, black people, Asians, gays, disabled people, women, gay disabled black Muslim women, and such like. But then we realised all of them had something in common. They could all be 'European'. So bang! One more for the list.”

Obama’s office responded to those comments in candid style. "The president is always willing to reach across the political aisle. In this case however, the BNP can kiss his black ass."

by Olivier Roth

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