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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bush regrets Iraqi WMD lies failure

Outgoing President George W Bush has admitted that he regrets being caught making up intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

In a wide ranging interview, Bush admitted that it would have been 'tough to come up with a convincing case' if he hadn't used the WMD issue as a smokescreen for the invasion, which was always going to happen anyway.

But he showed remorse that the lies that he and Dick Cheney used to force the war on Congress and the American people had come to light. "You know, I don't spent too much time on it, but I wish we'd gotten away with it," he told ABC News. "I will leave office with my head held high, but in Texas they like straight talkers, so it would have been nice to be remembered as honest. But hey, what's done is done."

When asked about his greatest achievement, the 43rd president chose the installation of 'ideological thugs' at the helm of the Republican party. "The GOP of my father's generation may not have been perfect, but they at least had some sense of duty and honor. I'm proud to have reduced the party to a smoldering heap of hate and recrimination."

1 comment:

  1. On a similar vein, I regret having a few too many ales last night. It's tough sometimes - I hope George cheers up soon - not as if much harm has been done.


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