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Sunday, December 14, 2008

World condemns man for missing Bush's face

Just a few of the shoes that world leaders would like to throw at Bush

International leaders and commentators have called for the "harshest possible punishment" to be used against the man who failed to hit George W Bush in the fucking face with his shoes.

At a press conference with Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki, an Iraqi journalist was wrestled to the floor by security guards after he called Mr Bush "a dog" and threw his footwear, just missing the president.

Politicians around the world have expressed shock and awe that he missed the president's grinning face, and insisted that if they had been there, they would have smashed the bastard's nose right in.

Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain broke off from talks with union leaders to speak of his regret that Bush wasn't twatted in the chops. His Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd released a statement condemning the journalist for missing Bush's eyes and called for him to be tried at the Hague for "pissing away a perfect set up. "

There has also been surprise that Bush managed to duck out of the way, given that he has trouble recognising his own Cabinet and often mistakes the door to the Oval Office for the White House soda machine. "This is a man who once almost choked to death on a pretzel," said UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon. "How in the name of god was he able to avoid a dead cert from a few metres away?"


  1. hahahahahahahah
    my mom could throw better than that guy XD

  2. It's cool brother we want to give him the "BOOT" too!

  3. BALDERDASH !! ;-D

  4. The man should have gone on job training "how to through shoes to the face" with CIA or FBI in Afghan. hehehehe

  5. CLG Action: Send Bush Your Shoes! By Lori Price 16 Dec 2008 America: We were unable to give President [sic] Bush the boot, but we *can* give him the shoe! Please spread this action far and wide.

  6. I have already selected the worst pair of shoes I own to send to the dictator. What a trip if over 1 million pairs of shoes show up at the white house. What an irreverant lot we are, huh? LOL I have to say, I am getting somewhate proud of our most recent speaking out that I am hearing and seeing by my fellow Americans...

    Good job and don't forget to SEND THOSE SHOES.... DO IT ASAP.

  7. after watching the video, bush did in fact duck out of the way surprisingly athletically.

    and - according to reports, after our hero - the shoe thrower - suited Iraqi security guards wrestled al-Zaidi to the floor and dragged him out of the press conference, Bush and Maliki continued speaking, over the sounds of the reporter being brutally beaten in the next room.

    AND - most believe he will be killed by "iraqi security forces".

    Also resistance in Iraq, especially because of the journalists brutal treatment and disappearance, are beginning to throw their shoes at the occupiers.


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